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At Norfolk Endodontics we offer Direct Access Hygienist appointments. This means anyone can see a dental hygienist without the prior need of a dentist visit.


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Oral Health Advice


Dental hygienist have an important role in helping to prevent dental disease. They provide treatment and advice on the prevention of gum disease as well as helping patients to achieve and maintain optimum oral health. Hygienists focus on removing the causative factors that influence the deterioration of periodontal (gum) health whilst providing you with the know-how to maintain adequate oral hygiene at home. 


Gum Health

Dental plaque is the main cause of dental problems. It is a build up of bacteria that collect around the gum margins of teeth. Plaque causes gum inflammation and in the long term can result in swelling, bleeding, bone loss and halitosis (bad breath). 



Scale and Polish

As well as achieving and maintaining periodontal health, we also provide routine scale and polish. With the use of the latest equipment available (Airflow) we can remove unsightly stains and brighten up your smile.



Tooth Whitening

For patients seeking a simple, non-invasive smile improvement we offer professional tooth whitening. This is a safe and effective procedure to rejuvenate your smile. Tooth whitening must be carried out on prescription and under supervision of a dentist. For those interested in this procedure we provide a free assessment with our consultant, Mr Alessandro Falanga.

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